Sunday, 28 August 2011

How to make fondant baby shoes

This gorgeous little baby shoes are perfect for baby's first birthday cake or christening cake.
I hope this step by step pictures and shoe template could help you to create a beautiful centre piece.
You need about 300g of modelling paste to make a pair of shoes. Mix 1 teaspoon of Gum powder or CMC with 300g of fondant(sugarpaste) and let it mature for at least 7~8 hours. If your fondant is still too soft to work with, mix in a bit more of Gum powder or CMC or wait until the next day.

If you find it difficult to roll out paste evenly, use a pasta machine instead. You need to roll out no more than 4~5mm of thickness.

If your paste is too soft leave them to dry a little

This one looks quite soft.......

Use soft paint brush or your finger to shape them in place


Sorry~ the text in the picture is in korean. I took these pictures from my korean blog.
Put little water or edible glue along the pink line and the end of the inside strip.


Mark two little dots with black edible pen or a tiny ball of black fondant for teddy's eyes.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Castle cakes

I am so~~ happy that I can finally start my English BLOG~~~~I am going to share my passion for cake decorationg through this blog. Today, I would like to show you some of my castle cake designs.

                  Fariy Castle Cake                         
fairy castle cake

Mickey's Castle Cake
mickey castle cake

Butterfly Castle Cake

butterfly castle cake

                                       Ivy Castle Cake

ivy castle cake

Polka Dot Castle Cake
polka dot castle cake

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdum Castle Cake

ben and holly'a little kingdum cake

Rapunzel Cake
rapunzel cake

Sweet Rose Castle Cake

rose castle cake

Tiara Castle Cake
tiara castle cake

Baby's first birthday castle cake
baby's first birthday castle cake

baby's first birthday castle cake

Butterfly castle cake

butterfly castle cake

Princess castle cake

princess castle cake

princess castle cake